Did I just come out…?

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    So, my dear queens. I think I came out. Last weekend (on our anniversary night 😅) I told my husband that I don’t just fancy guys, but women as well. It’s quite new to me. I always kinda liked women but I’ve never been in love or had more than just friendship with any. But lately I feel I’ve been looking at women differently. Isn’t that odd? I feel a bit silly for realizing this while I’m well in my thirties and happily married to the love of my life. And what does this even mean? I don’t want an affaire or fall in love anyway, I mean, I’m still very fond of my man (and you know, all the fuss 😂) So why do I suddenly feel like this?
    And then there’s this. I’ve befriended a mother from my son’s class and in short time we’ve become quite close. Tell each other a lot and help out and stuff. She’s the friend I need real hard at this point in my life. But I’m a dirty mind, often making spicy jokes and comments, and she turns out to be maybe even worse than me… Love it! A girl that’s as nasty as a boy! But it’s confusing at the same time because it’s kinda like flirting and it’s messing with me. I sometimes have to end our WhatsApp conversation because it gets hot and I get confused.
    (Man. To read back what I wrote. Don’t know if I will post this yet. But I guess I did if you’re reading this right?)
    Should I tell my friend it turns me on when she says she wants a taste of me to see if I’m as sweet as I say I am? I’m afraid she’ll turn away and I really like her and don’t want to lose a great friend. And, do you think she’s flirting, when she’s being like that? And and, what if she is?? That’s scary stuff!
    So, thanks for reading. And if you have any sanity to share with me, please do.
    By the way, my husband reacted so sweet. He is such a great guy. Didn’t blink and comforted me, told me how proud he was at me for telling. And that he didn’t mind at all if I’m bisexual or not. He loves me the way I am. Man, do I love him!!
    Love, Flo.

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    Well ladies. That escalated quickly. I told her I’m bisexual and she didn’t blink. She told me a few days later she’s in love with me.
    That’s quite the mess. Trying to stay friends but it feels like we’re gonna do things we shouldn’t. How can I avoid this? I’m attracted to her as hell. And she is too.
    Advice would be welcome. Hope someone knows how to avoid disaster.
    Husband’s still the best. Doesn’t blink an eye.
    Love, Flo.

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    This is onteresting. I see this was written a little while ago. Did anything happen? I guess its the same as having a flirty (I fancy, you fancy me) kind of thing with another man, aside from your husband… This just happens to be a woman. So I guess same rules apply. Is it worth risking your marriage? How strong are your feelings for this woman? Are you managing to keep things platonic? I’d be interested to find out how you are…Cos I’m a nosey bitch like that ha ha. Your husband sounds like a keeper, I have to say, who accepts you for who you are, good on him. Hope you are doing ok. X

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    Hey Clez!
    Well, I think I’m okay, thank you. Not quite sure. Of course you’re nosey, I would be too 😂
    We are trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. I’ve fallen madly in love with her. And I mean madly. I haven’t eaten or slept properly in the last few weeks. Can’t stop thinking about her. Not been able to be productive in any way. We already were close friends and now we’re so attracted to each other and we’re in this deep. And no, we are not keeping this platonic. No details 😇
    But no, I’m not risking my marriage. Because my husband is as great as he sounds. And I could never miss him. I love him very much. I’m not doing anything he doesn’t agree with. Point is, he agrees with this. He understands that this is a part of me I also need to let be. I love him for that (although I feel like pinching myself: is he for real? I’m not sure I would be so open minded). So I’m free to be with her.
    My friend’s husband is not so keen on it. He doesn’t agree and doesn’t want to talk about it either. He has an image in his head of how life and marriage should be and is not interested in changing his mind. Their relationship wasn’t great to start with and they never really learned how to communicate properly with one another. I’m very communicative and supporting towards my friend and it’s really hard for her that her own husband isn’t. So still figuring out how to be together without hurting him too much or breaking their family apart.
    We feel great together. I’ve never felt anything like this with anyone, except my husband, although it’s not quite the same. And I really love her. Have loved her for a while. And I’m glad I know that now. We would love to go on together if that’s possible. But they will have to work on their relationship, while she doesn’t want to deny this part of who she is. It’s a difficult situation but we’re determined to make it work.
    So I’m still open for suggestions 😉
    Thanks for your reaction, nosey one!
    Love, Flo

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