Decisions decisions decisions after miscarriage 😥

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    Hello fellow queens,
    This is the first time i have ever written one of these but feel like its time for some advice.
    I recently had a missed miscarriage i was 10 weeks but only measuring 8 and ended up having d&c a week after bleeding started. by far the worst experience of my life.
    At first i thought there was no way i am going through that again but a few weeks on and im feeling like i need to try again although im shit scared!!
    My pregancy was very high risk due to blood clotting disorder and had to inject clexane twice daily😩 now doctors want me to choose iinjection before ttc or stay in tablets like i did last time and start injections as soon as missed period. im in two minds about both the injections are painful and theres no telling how long i will be on them but the tablets have not been tested in pregancy although they believe it had bo effect and was not at fault for my miscarriage.
    Due to the risks im leaning towards starting the injections soon but wondering if anyone has had similar situations and has any advice.

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    Hi there. Miscarriages are so hard!

    I personally have had two miscarriages and am pregnant again.
    But this time I have got to 34 weeks. And this time I have been on daily clexane. And I would say just try to do the injections. I know it can be a hard slog!
    I also have intramuscular injections in my butt muscle area every 3 days (Progesterone support, which keeps the uterus calm) and these hurt much more than clexane so I guess it has made me look forward to clexane more than the muscle injections! Strange I know but I am trying to get though any way I can. Good on you for trying again and trying to move forward after something so painful.i really hope you have a baby grow strong in your womb and get there. perseverance is hard!

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    Thanks for your reply and sorry for your losses.
    This would have been bub #3 my other 2 we straight forward pregnancies other than needing c-section both times, although we did not know of my condition then.
    It took alot of convincing to have doctors allow me to try again so im not going to give up easily and if that means injections every day for a year then so be it.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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