Anxiety x body shame = mental breakdown

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    Hi queens,

    I’m not a mother as of yet, but just recently all of my friends have been getting engaged and getting together for big birthdays and I’ve run out of excuses not to attend them! – truth is I’ve put on a few kgs and I’m ashamed and I don’t want people to judge me. I have an engagement party this weekend and I’m really nervous about going, what to wear ect as I haven’t seen my friends in a while. What can I do to get my confidence up before I go!??

    I’d appreciate any idea- crazy or not 😊 Xo

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    Just embrace your body. You are you. Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 60 it doesn’t matter, you’re still you and real friends will love you for that and if they don’t then f*** them they aren’t real friends and you don’t need that negativity in your life x

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    Hello, I’m sure you are actually frikking gorgeous, we’re totally our own worst critics right? ☺ I’m really overweight…Like REALLY!! I hate my body, but…Thats a diff subject and for me to work on. But, if I have an event and want to feel a bit of confidence, I wear shape underwear, it’s not an original idea and it might not work for you, but, it hides the lumps and bumps, makes you feel “held in” and it does make clothes look good. Buy a killer frock, suck your belly in knickers, get your heels on and rock it…Your friends will love you regardless. Hope you have a great time x

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    Just to add – you have any kind of body you wanna have, love it, it’s an amazing thing. Hope it doesn’t sound like a dig or unsupportive – it’s not that, there’s nowt more supportive than good underwear eh? 😉 Oh God, I’m putting the wine down and calling it a night sorry 😂😂😂. X

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