Am I Crazy To Want A Baby?

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    Everyone in society makes me feel insanely crazy. ‘wait’, ‘don’t rush’, ‘not yet’….
    First of all, I am not a modern girl – I’ve always thought I should have lived in the 50’s back when being a house wife and popping out a bunch of kids was standard. Quite frankly, it’s always been it’s always been my dream. Sound weird? Yeah, everyone says so. I want to wake up early, make breakfast for the family, kiss everyone goodbye for work and school while handing them their lunch. When they’re off, I’ll clean the house, starting with the laundry and kids rooms. After I’m done, I’ll pick up the kids from school, feed them lunch and help with the homework. I could go on. Here’s the catch.
    I’m only 22 years old.
    I’ve heard nothing but ‘yeah, jade wants kids.. but not now right?’
    ‘but you’re so young!’
    ‘wait… how old are you???’
    ‘you’re such a mom already’
    ‘wow, you’re so good with children.. it’s like you have your mom jeans on already.. but not yet, okay?’
    ‘growing a baby is tough – don’t do it, okay?’ – this is from a pregnant fairy of mine and that comment alone wanted to make me punch her in the face for merely not embracing the pregnancy factor as i have a friend who can’t have kids.

    anyway, i’m getting side tracked.
    I have stopped the Depo Provera .. I was supposed to go for my next injection on July 21st and didn’t go… Now my husband and I are just waiting (by the way, he’s 30).
    I also have IBS and i can never tell if my abdomen is swollen due to early pregnancy or the IBS… it’s super frustrating. at this point I’m just venting my frustration with the new feminist views that make me feel that women these days aren’t allowed to want to be a stay at home mom and i’m over it.


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    Dear Queen,
    It sounds like you’ve given this a lot if thought. Knowing what you want in life is wonderful, I wallowed around for years with no direction!
    Of course, people mean well when they warn you off having kids early. Raising a family is a big job, in fact I believe it’s one of the highest callings any human being can rise to. Yes, people are doing it all around us, yes it’s common as mud, but heroes, queens and warriors are growing from that mud! (Sorry, I am sometimes prone to analogies that make no sense 😂).
    There are advantages to starting a family early. You will still be young and energetic while your babies are little. And believe me, you will need that energy. Raising kids is every bit as demanding and rewarding as having a high powered career, the catch is you will rarely get the kudos that you deserve for it. Except from your fellow Queens of course.
    Also, by the time your kids are leaving the nest you will still have plenty of years to do whatever you want. Maybe even be that young hot grandma 😉 – play the long game queen!

    Lastly, is your partner on board? Have you discussed this with him in depth? What’s his attitude?

    All power to you queen. You may be choosing a difficult road, but there are no perfect choices in life. It’s your life, nobody else is living it for you and nobody else can make your decisions for you.

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