Age Gap Between Children

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    What is everyone’s age gap between their children? How many children do you have?
    We already have a 4 year old but are deciding to start trying for another soon. Just wanting to know if anyone has a massive age gaps? Or even smaller gaps? As we are planning a third shortly after our second. ☺️

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    Hey Queen1012,

    Congrats on your decision! Hoping it will all go well. I have two boys, aged 4y7m and 1y4m. So they are 3y3m apart. We planned it sooner but I had two miscarriages on the way. For a while, I wished the gap would’ve been smaller. My two mom friends had their kids right after each other and I was a bit jealous at first. But then I saw what a great ordeal it was: being pregnant while having to carry your first baby around; having a baby while the first is still a tiny toddler; having two little ones that pretty much need all your attention all the time, both of them. One friend said she’s so happy with it, especially because they can play so well together and can always be friends. The other friend said she wouldn’t had done it again. She felt bad she couldn’t give her oldest the attention be needed, especially when pregnancy and delivery turned out to be hard.

    Now I’m glad how things turned out for us. My pregnancy and delivery were very hard too and my first son is a special needs kid. Things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did if the age gap would’ve been so small. And I strongly believe that if children get along, they will play together, no matter their ages.

    So I guess it’s all good! You’ll have (and already have) a beautiful family πŸ™‚

    Lots of luck! Flo.

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    Ah thank you for that! Yep, took me years to realise I can be a queen once more and do it again. Sometimes I worry it’s been left too late and it will be difficult between the children with larger age gaps, but in saying that, I wasn’t ready for another baby as my first is very full on in her behaviour.
    Who knows, I may stop at two or I may have a bus load πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for your loving advice, have a great day! Lots of love.

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    I have a 14 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. My son is from a previous relationship but has been brought up my husband of 12 years. We’d agreed to concentrate on our son, buy a house be financially stable etc etc. Then we weighed our options and tried for our daughter. The age gap is huge but they are so close. My son is the most amazing young man (I know I’m biased but he really is) and will do anything for his tiny sister. She is a beautiful boisterous toddler who is incredibly secure of her standing in her brothers affections. I’m sure there will be bumps as in any sibling relationship but wouldn’t change it.
    Best of luck xxx

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    I have 4 kids, 2 from a previous relationship ages 24 and 18 and 2 from current relationship ages 7 and 16 months. I wasn’t planning on having anymore babies after my 7 yr old was born but something tragic happened in 2014 and it made me realise how short life is and so we had our little cheeky bundle of joy. I know the age gaps are huge. My 18 yr old son lives with us still and the 2 youngest are girls. Big brother will always help them and be there if they need him. Always going to be fallings out between siblings, age gap doesn’t really matter on that one. Good luck xx

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    Thanks ladies!
    You’ve put my mind at ease X X X X

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    I had a big age gap between my second and third child. My eldest was 9 and our middle child was 6.5 years when we had our daughter. I love the gap in age as I got to be at home with a new baby and it wasn’t as hectic as having a few little ones all at home. The boys were a great help with their little sister and now with them being 21 and 18 with lives of their own I’m so happy I still have our 12 year old at home. I’d do the same all over again.

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    I have 3 children all 9 years apart. I have an 18yr old girl, 9 year old girl and 4 month old boy.

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    I have a 5 year old and a nearly 7 month old, i loove the age gap, my 5 year old is independent and loves to help out and our 7month old absolutely adores his big sister!

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