Ryan & Eva

So last night Ryan Gosling made an acceptance speech that made us all need to change our undies.



He thanked his wife, the raddest bitch around, Eva Mendez.

In fact when I heard he was shacked up and it was officially over between the two of us… the fact that it was with Eva actually assisted in my healing, we were never going to work and if I am going to admit defeat to anyone I’m glad it was you, Eva.

He went on to say that he wouldn’t be there without Eva, who while he was filming the award winning film was pregnant with their second baby, raising their first and caring for her brother while he fought cancer.

What’s not to love? They support each other, they appreciate each other, they are there for their kids!!!

Only I turned on the internet this morning and the swooning has turned to criticising them, calling his speech sexist.


Now that doesn’t only insult my man Ryan but it thoroughly insults our girl Eva..

You see there is nothing wrong with a woman or a man backing the career of a loved one, a family is a team and given that every member of that team is presented with equal choices feminism and stay at home child rearing can co-exist.

I backed my husbands career for 8 years, I worked here and there, sold some artwork, cut some hair, but predominantly I supported Bills career which financially supported everything we did.

Now the tables have turned a little, Bills found himself backing my career. Because I had an opportunity and I ran with it.

I don’t doubt that the tables will one day turn again and I will choose to be a primary caregiver to our beautiful children again while Bill chooses to working man bizzo. Or maybe they will be at a stage that doesn’t require us to choose.

Now imagine that it was Eva, accepting a well-deserved award while thanking her husband for staying at home to raise the kids
We’d be praising him for his life choices… and again… changing our undies. Coz what’s hotter than a bloke who supports his Queen? Nothing.

The point is that we all have choices, we work as a team.
Some teams both parents work, some only ones some teams only have one parent and some teams nobody works (I like to call that the dream team)

Because at the end of the day I commend both Eva and Ryan. Because equality is about having choices, not criticising everyone else’s.

And I love you Ryan.



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  1. Profile photo of Emma Powick
    Emma Powick 1 month ago

    I fail to see how this was ‘sexist’. Feminists argued for the right for women to choose. If Eva has chosen to be a stay at home mum and has taken on the role of carer for her brother then shes a goddess in my eyes but lets face it as she is heavily pregnant she would probably want to be resting at home. Ryan acknowledging this has just made me love him a bit more!

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