Public Appearance Número Uno

A week and a half ago I did my first ever public appearance and I am only now able to talk about it.


I have been getting asked to do these more and more lately, but I’m terrible in front of crowds and have panic attacks about speaking in public.

However this was for the Rafiki fundraiser, Rafiki is special and close to my heart and I have the utmost respect for the women who run it, women who save the lives of traumatised children every day… makes my nervousness seem kind of insignificant.

Byron Bay was everything and more than I expected. The hotel was situated inside an actual rain forrest, everyone was wearing flowy bohemian clothes.. I actually felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I walked into the hotel that they had booked for us and Bill and I were greeted with presents, Rafiki jumpers for the kids, products created by local businesses, a new dress. My head started to spin, I’ve never been spoilt like this before, never. I couldn’t help but feel like I was not worthy of all of the attention and special treatment.

The women who run this show do FAR more than I ever did, fuck even the women that I have brought with me have dedicated more of their lives to helping others.

I remind myself to just be grateful and clear self doubt out of my head constantly, it creeps back, that’s just human nature.

I finally got to meet the women who started and run Rafiki, even though I felt like I have known them for a very long time, this was the first face to face meeting we had had and like I expected we all felt like family. They are funny and real with beautiful husbands, normal people that just happen to dedicate their entire lives to saving children in Kenya, I should have been star struck in the presence of such greatness, but these chicks were normal and comforting, I suppose you have to have a comforting nature to deal with traumatised people every day.

Missing the kids is always hard for me, I see a pool, I think of Arlo in it, I see a tree, I think of Billie-Violet in it… I don’t really think of the twins much lol but come on the are sooooo god damn hard at the moment.

My sister came up to see me from Melbourne, my bestie from Sydney and I brought my closest friends from Perth, everyone wanting to support Rafiki and have a night or 2 away from our kids, it was sort of like a dream come true. I kept expecting to wake up.

Lisa Magill from Terminally Fabulous drove down with her entire family of Irish greatness, Kat Abianc brought her famous model son Parker for the night, Celeste Barber graced us all with her presence and we were gearing up for a brilliant night. My nerves were creeping in, I missed the kids and I didn’t feel worthy of a quarter of the attention I was receiving but I gave it my best and headed over.

Public appearances are strange, you meet all these people that you have heaps in common with, in every day life I don’t meet many people at all that I have anything in common with. Yet you only have a couple of minutes to chat to everyone because you need to move onto the next people. Queens were sharing very intimate details of their lives with me, I wanted to do my usual and find a dark corner to just chat and drink the night away but I was pulled to the next group, where I would fall in love with another queen and the same thing would happen.

The speeches at a Rafiki fundraiser will touch your heart in places it hasn’t been touched before. When they show videos of the children talking, when you hear Sarah and Annemarie talk, the sponsors and supporters talk, you just become overwhelmed with joy and sadness all at once. Moved is an understatement.

I spoke, I was 3 wines in, I saw some ladies had sat on the floor and I thought that it looked a lot less nerve racking, so I sat on the stage and I made Bill sit with me, he did so, he was kind of my rock and everything was actually ok, I enjoyed speaking and felt like I was talking to friends.

I noticed people in the crowd, a drunk chick who was heckling me with love bombs, a tall goddess like chick with a flawless outfit on and long thick hair, an older lady possibly around 70 with white hair and an amazing lace outfit on, all so admirable, all beautiful.

After the speeches I went back to meeting people, it was fun, my guards were down and I was really enjoying myself.
I went to the toilet, it took 15 minutes as I ended up toilet room chatting and taking selfies the whole time.

As I walked out of the door, the first moment I had been alone for even one second and I was approached by the older women that I had been admiring.

She came over to me all gracefully and I stopped to talk. The words she said stopped me in my tracks,

“Constance you do not belong here”

“Sorry?” I responded

“You have destroyed tonight. You have destroyed Rafiki. You talk about sex with your husband publicly, you are completely driven by your own ego. Your ego and trashy nature has ruined this foundation.”

The room started spinning as I waited for the punch line. My guards were completely down, everyone had been so nice to me. I actually have never had so many nice things said about me as I had that evening and now this. Everything that I had thought was so beautiful about this women changed as I realised that she had waited all night to get me alone so that she could try and hurt me as deeply as she could.

I didn’t respond. I instantly walked out onto the court yard where another Queen gave me a hug and asked for a selfie. I burst into tears.

I’m usually so strong, I get trolled all the time and just ignore- Block- ignore- block but this was completely unexpected, all the feelings of not being worthy of this treatment, missing my kids, vulnerably speaking in public just piled on top of me like a wave that finally pulled me down.

My sister and my friend, like all big sisters and protective friends were furious and found her immediately asking her what her problem was. She stayed true to her word, told them that I don’t belong here. Even called my friend a cunt which was almost impressive of a women her age, while I tried to bring myself back and get on with my night.

Nothing was really getting through to me, everyone was so supportive and calling me a queen and telling me to straighten my crown but my panic attack was strong and I was struggling to pull myself out of it and considering leaving. Until a beautiful heavily intoxicated women pushed everyone out of the way, handed me a drink and said this.

“Con, you know those women that you love so much, the ones you call your Queens?”

“Yeah” I responded

“Well guess what? A large majority of them feel like this every day. Probably not to this extent but there is always someone making them feel like shit about themselves, an in law or the ‘perfect mums’ or just some areshole on the street… And guess where they turn to laugh it off?”


“You fuck head. Now get over it, we all meet arseholes.”

And just like that I skulled a wine and I got over it, I felt less alone, I remembered my crew, my Queens. I decided to hone in on the millions of lovely things I’d heard all night instead of the one cuntish thing.

Eventually this lady was escorted out, her family and her were standing really close and glaring at me while I drew the raffle tickets, Queens were reporting that she was approaching them with more poison, fucking with me is one thing, fucking with my Queens is a total other story. To be honest I can’t explain it, I can’t explain it, I have done stupid things, selfish things and Ive responded to things in ways that I am not proud of but one thing I don’t do is go out of my way to tear people down, that kind of nastiness is rare and its out of my realm of understanding.

I know that isn’t the last time someone will be horrible to me but now I’m learning to keep it in perspective.

The rest of the night was an absolute ball, I drunkenly stayed up until 2am having profound conversations with other drunk queens, probably solved the worlds problems before falling asleep mid sentence and deciding it was time to let go of the night.

I had the best time in Byron Bay and thanks to Rafiki I am moving through my fears of public appearances and even managed to speak without my irritable bowel taking over the stage.
I am endlessly grateful to be a part of Rafiki and to have been taken there and spoilt like a true Queen.

Back to reality and my house was even messier than I left it, my babysitter had reversed my car into a tree, my kids refused to go to school because “its not fair that you got a holiday” and I gained 2 kgs while I was away.

But along with this dose of reality comes a refreshing stability. It’s a beautiful reality to be privileged with.

Until next time Byron.

con xxx

  1. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 7 months ago

    Beautiful woman, do not let that woman, whom obviously is letting her demons drag her down instead of seeing love where it is. You have taught us all to support eachother, even when they are being cunty,,I feel bad that she has closed herself off to the love that you project, the aura of kind gentle love that you give off..she is the one missing out.

    I have been treated like that all my life, and without having met you , you make me feel like I am hanging out with the cool chicks, without having met you I feel the love for queens, for humanity, thankyou for being being you, I have had a rope to cling to when the rapids of lifes river were trying to drag me under.

    If I were to imagine mother earth, I would imagine you.

  2. Profile photo of Em @ Have A Laugh On Me

    I’m so devastated to read this, how could she! You were wonderful up there and are a worthy and fabulous ambassador for Rafiki! I was one of the drunken Queens that was up with you until the wee small hours of the night/day and we did solve some world problems, you also gave me some great relationship advice that I have taken on board. You rock! You are changing the lives of women across the globe and empowering them in ways you’ll never know so don’t ever change! Love and light always. xx

  3. Profile photo of Maria
    Maria 7 months ago

    Nooooo way!!!!!!
    You are an awesome Queen who did not deserve that.
    You make me laugh on a daily basis and my husband is a mega fan and think you’re freakin’ brilliant, just a little shout out so you remember that the fellas love you too.
    Just so you know that lady could not have been more wrong. You are a flaming Rock Star, Hero, Super Queen.
    For all the nastiness she projected in your general direction just know in your heart that there are thousand upon thousand positive and happy thoughts coming your way through cyber space, and in person too I hope.
    YOU keep me sane with your words and your open way of sharing it all. It helps me be a better mum to my little girl!
    I feel sorry for the nasty lady you met, because she is missing the beautiful essence of you and your support to all us Queens. Nasty or not she cannot take that away, ever!!!
    Go Con!!!!!
    Big hugs all around!!!!

  4. Profile photo of Catherine Ogg
    Catherine Ogg 7 months ago

    OMG!!! Seriously do not understand what is wrong with some women! I can totally relate to this blog though. I have just put through my pre-order for your book and I cannot wait to receive it!! I have to have it!! Queens need to be building up Queens not tearing them down!! Well done on your speech and I imagine you were AMAZING and wow’d the Queens and Kings in the room!!

  5. Profile photo of KattiMc
    KattiMc 7 months ago

    Thank God for the Queen who sat you down and gave you what for!! CHEERS to the Queens for being there to pick up a fellow queen!! Ya know- a lot of people have only started doing that because of you!!!!! Because you are awesome!! The stupid old cunt lady who said cuntish things to you should go eat a dick, coz she just doesn’t understand. But we do Con,and you have done so much just by being your fabulous self to help others whether you even realise you are doing it or not!!!! You have started a revolution of love and support among women and you should be proud!!
    I am happy to hear you didn’t let a little hump of a cunt ruin your enitire holiday!! You deserve some spoils and indulgence, ENJOY IT!!!!!!
    Take care!!!

  6. Profile photo of SHstands4superhero
    SHstands4superhero 7 months ago

    Wow! I did not expect to read that! Then again, I know all too well of the trolls that exist in our world.

    Sadly, there are those that believe you should fit in one of the boxes they have created so that they may understand the world.. And only things that feel right to them are those that fit into those boxes. Worse still, there are some that try and alter those that don’t automatically fit into the box they have created and attempt to knock them into the shape they believe will fit. That is what that old lady’s goal was.. To ding you into a shape that fit more properly into the box she had created. You didn’t say the things she thought you should have to fit into the ‘Rafiki speaker’ box she had created so she tried to tear you down so that you will change and fit into her box.. Or at least feel bad that you didn’t. Well, guess what!? There are many more Queens out there (me included) that accept you for who you are, whatever the shape you are, and don’t look for a box to put you in.. Coz at the end of the day you make them feel that the shape they are does not have to fit into any box some shitty person might try and create for them. Thank you for being you Con. Thank you for not fitting into any box.. I’ve since thrown all of mine away xxx

  7. Profile photo of Boobsy LaRue
    Boobsy LaRue 7 months ago

    Excellent point by SHstands4superhero.
    Con, your openness is your strength. The fact that you don’t accept society’s rule that “there are some things we just don’t talk about” is what makes you so powerful. It brings Queens together and lets them be honest too, about sex, and childbirth, and mental health, and drug use and all those other things that apparently we’re not meant to talk about in public but are in fact the most central parts of our lives. Your openness and honesty give me strength every day, and I’m so sorry someone attempted to shame you for them. Perhaps they felt that you were a threat to society. Well, they were right about that. You, and all the straight-talking queens who tell it like it is and refuse to be shamed into silence, are a threat to a society built on keeping some people down so others can be on top.
    And you do it all while making us laugh so hard a little bit of wee comes out.
    Love you Con xxx

  8. Profile photo of Sam
    Sam 7 months ago

    I cannot believe that woman had the gall to say what she said and to call someone she doesn’t even know a cunt. Who is the one letting the organisation down?!
    Like you, I am always shocked and hurt when people are so cruel to others, I could not imagine hurting another person intentionally. I so believe in karma, so she’ll get her payback. You rock Con, I have so much love for you, x

  9. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 7 months ago

    my comment from 7 days ago is still saying its being moderated, is anyone else having problems, of course if its still not working no one will see this message but thought I would test it and see what happens

  10. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 7 months ago

    ok thats weird, now that comment is being moderated but the other one went through, could there be key words that are setting it off or something?

  11. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 7 months ago

    ok well that worked but the origional didnt isnt that weird lol ill copy and paste here.

    Beautiful woman, do not let that woman, whom obviously is letting her demons drag her down instead of seeing love where it is. You have taught us all to support eachother, even when they are being mean,,I feel bad that she has closed herself off to the love that you project, the aura of kind gentle love that you give off..she is the one missing out.

    I have been treated like that all my life, and without having met you , you make me feel like I am hanging out with the cool chicks, without having met you I feel the love for queens, for humanity, thankyou for being being you, I have had a rope to cling to when the rapids of lifes river were trying to drag me under.

    If I were to imagine mother earth, I would imagine you.

    ok changed one word here goes to see if it worked

  12. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 7 months ago

    lol now that the glitch is fixed I have several almost identical posts that make me look a little stalker like…embarrassed much lol bahaha….I hope my fellow queens understand and dont think im crazy lol

  13. Profile photo of Potato mum
    Potato mum 6 months ago

    saggytitts – its okay, we are all crazy and stalkerish when it comes to Con 😛

  14. Profile photo of Trys
    Trys 6 months ago

    To read that you were abused like that broke my heart, you reach out, no holds barred, heart on your sleeve and get shit like that? I reckon she was jealous that you are the way you are and the pole up her ass stops her true Queen from showing. To hear that you got on with your night and smashed it gives me courage to stand up for what I need and what I believe in. Thanks Con xx

  15. Profile photo of Nessie O
    Nessie O 3 months ago

    Yep Con…there’s no doubt about it! she’s just an unfortunate nasty victim you out like that it seems like such a cowardly attack but you know what?….she’s there to teach you more shit and even though every part of you (or me if I was standing there) would want to soc her in the face and tell her to fuck off… what we really should do is the opposite! Stop her in her tracks …Give her a great big hug and say ‘wow thanks lady! You’re giving me more fuel for my fire to help out our fellow queenies in need! I’m sorry you feel like that and I’m sorry for your loss of beauty energy but I wanna say I love you too’ ❤ I’m sure as hell she wouldn’t be expecting that so Id hope that would give you some of your beautiful womanly power back that she’s just engulfed from you! Kapow! Walk off shining better n brighter than before 😊 Keep up the great work Con! You’re a diamond! 💎💎💎 xxx

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