We have a publishing industry earning shitloads by plastering images of celebrities because they have cellulite on their thighs,


claiming that they must be “not coping or are suffering from depression”.

We have a mental health industry lacking so much funds that real depression is more often than not being ignored.

We have a beauty industry that disguises words like “fat” with “unhealthy” and “old” with “tired” to convince us to buy their pointless products to look “healthy and fresh” (young and thin).

So they are photographing cellulite and tearing down celebrities and exploiting depression to make buckets of money, when mental health has none.

Beauty has been defined by the one industry who can’t afford to tell us the truth… That we don’t need to buy anything because we are so fucking beautiful as we are.

But if we knew that we don’t need creams and weight loss pills and body wraps the industry would collapse and if we all knew how common mental illness really is and how often the suffering is met with closed doors, then we might not see it as gossip. We might not pick up that magazine or click on that story that’s capitalising on a glorious Queen in her bathers, zooming in on her cellulite, assuming it’s a symptom of depression when all it really is a symptom of is a Queen pulling a big fat fuck you finger to the miserable magazines with nothing better to write about than cellulite.

We ARE beautiful as we are, without any products or tablets. Just as we are.

And we don’t need to read that shit to feel better about ourselves.

And mental health needs support and funds, not gossip and bitchiness.


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