Support for Sally Faulkner

Like so many Australian women, I can’t get Sally Faulkner out of my mind.


I never intended to write about the case, my opinion is too biased, my thoughts are too negative. I am too infuriated by this case and I know that anger leads you nowhere, so I just waited… for the anger to pass.

When I first heard about Sally, like everyone a shudder sent straight through me, as I kissed my babies and pulled them into sleep that little bit closer to their mum.
I went on to read as many stories as I could hoping for one that carried some good news.
That good news never came.
Instead the stories went from bad to worse until we finally lost hope last week.

I wasn’t shocked, real life doesn’t always have a happy ending. What did shock me was the lack of support I saw in so many comments regarding the story.

“Well she shouldn’t have broken the law”

“He technically didn’t do anything wrong”

“She was just as bad as him, they both made stupid mistakes”

No. She is not just as bad as him.

Sally never ceased contact, Sally agreed to a reasonable amount of contact. Ali did not. Sally was so determined that even though she had split up with Ali, his children deserved a relationship with him, so she agreed to long holidays in a distant country. Sally is a reasonable woman.

But Ali Elamine is abusing his children. Keeping your children from contacting a loving parent is abuse. It is abusing your parental privilege by attempting to hurt your ex-partner.

When I saw him on the Project the last week I was taken aback, surprised that he was showing his face on Australian television, surprised that this cat who got the creme couldn’t just smugly lick his paws in privacy. But then, anybody who has ever been intimate with a narcissist will tell you how deeply important others opinions of narcissists are to them. Ali was never going to walk away from the media, without one last attempt at ruining Sally’s reputation. Isolating Sally would be Ali’s ultimate reward.

Ali Elamine is now the envy of all controlling men world wide, he controls his ex partner with the one thing she would live and die for, she is bound by his conditions, if she so much as defends herself against him publicly she runs the risk of never seeing her children again, her life is at the discretion of Ali.

And then I read it, details of her last encounter with her kids. Sally’s sobs, as she said goodbye to her babies at the play centre. I knew my anger would not pass, yet I had to write something anyway, if for nothing else then just to vent my own anger. I am not a journalist, I am not trained, keeping my opinions to myself isn’t something that I am ‘employed’ to do.

Bill walked in on me crying in bed, reading Sally’s story and my first thought was, ”If we broke up, could I trust him to take our children on a holiday back to England?”
Of course I could – Bill would never rip our children away from me, but then… didn’t Sally trust Ali? Are cases like this going to affect peoples decision-making when entering into interracial relationships? The tragedies just keep coming.

I think Ali Emaline appears to be enjoying watching Sally suffer, and there is something incredibly unsettling about that fact alone. I think Ali is a cruel and calculated man, I think his jealously over her ability to move on consumed him and his constant references to Sally’s new husband and new baby are an obvious indication that his actions are a result of punishment and control.

Because as anyone with 2 brain cells can tell you, when a woman or man moves on with a new relationship or a new baby, her or his ability to love and care for their children from a previous marriage will not be slightly hindered, if anything changes it is the growth of more love.
We have a loving mum who’s babies are no longer her’s and we have 2 babies who can’t kiss their mum goodnight, babies who were never given the choice, babies who desperately want their mum. The world is a darker place and a lot of hearts have broken with Sally Faulkner’s.
All except Ali Elamine’s, who can cross this off as a win for the sake of his ego. Egos are the uninvited guest of parenthood, ideally checked in at the door.

For a big country Australia is a small community and Sally Faulkner is an old friend of a distant relative of mine Annette. Annette has known Sally for a very long time and has spoken to me often about not only Sally’s heartache but the horror everyone is feeling regarding the public back lash she has arrived home to.

Sally tried – her husband wanted to move home to Lebanon and she moved there with their children for him for 2 years. Already feeling unsafe when the car bomb went off in 2013 killing 27 people in Beirut she took her children home to Australia. Any mum who had the choice to raise her children, children who call Australia home, in a country free from bombs and terrorist threats would do so.

If watching 60 minutes and seeing a women like Sally explain that her six year old daughter Lahela handed Sally her ring, telling her that it was so she wouldn’t “forget her” didn’t compel you to help this Queen, nothing I say will.

How can we help? I believe the story is far from over, I like to believe that love prevails and the children will be reunited with their brave and deserving mum, I even hold out hope that Ali could come to his senses and agree to share custody. But all I know for sure is that we, the Queens, are presented with a fierce, determined, courageous warrier of a mother who right in front of our eyes has lost everything.

It’s our job to do what we do best, we need to support her, she needs us. Please comment on her stories with your hearts, this is no time for judgements or cruelty, Sally Faulkner reads the comments written about her, she needs to know that we are an army of love who support her and are truly broken by what has happened to her, she needs her Queens right now lets show her how much we care.

I support every decision she has made, I only wish there was a better outcome.
I would have done what Sally did and those who say they wouldn’t had better hope they are never tested.


  1. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 10 months ago

    men like that are soo good at making themselves look good and the woman look like a vindictave bitch…but when you try and remind people of that, society seems determined to believe the narcissist, conditioned to believe its always the woman at fault while similtaniously spouting, the woman always gets the kids and the house in a divorce , constantly blaming and demonising the woman.

    the fact that the father in fact origionally lied to remove the children from the country, knowing that in order to do so you need both parents permission and did so basically abducting them by stealth, then has the nachos to accuse her of abducting them…bugger the lebanon laws…she was trying to get her children back to their own country from which they never should have been removed.

    sadly I dont see any hope I dont see a reunion I dont see her getting to raise her babies..the prick is too good at what he does and no doubt will poison their minds…my father went through that with his first wife, she wouldnt allow contact and poisoned their minds against him, something he was only able to undo when they were in their 40s and he only got a couple of years of met ups and mending before he died….

    as usual the parent doing the right thing putting their children first are usually the ones who pay dearly for it..and the one doing the damage doesnt even care that they are ultimately damaging the children as well.

    a pox on the bastards that do it all of them,

  2. Profile photo of Jessy
    Jessy 10 months ago

    After separating from my husband six months ago we agreed our boys, 5yrs and 18months, would spend the week with me and the weekend with their dad. It kills me. The fact that I can’t kiss them goodnight EVERY single night or that I can’t see their beautiful smiling faces EVERY single morning is soul crushing for me. I hate “sharing” my children. I spend nights screaming at the walls of my home at how unfair it is, how I birthed those babies so why can’t I just hold them every night. However I now give thanks that I get to see my kids at all. My heart bleeds for Sally. The tradgey that she would go months, years without seeing her children, holding her children, feeling their soft little hands touching her would put me in the deepest of depressions that I couldn’t imagine. I am grateful that no matter how bad things get between my husband and I, I know he would never move to another country or deny me access to my children.
    I send Sally all the healing white light in the universe and pray that as her children grow they are able to find a way back to her some day!!!
    Sending love and Queen Strength!!
    Jessy xx

  3. Profile photo of Rissa Rainbows
    Rissa Rainbows 10 months ago

    I’m with you Queenie. My heat aches for Sally and her kids. There is no limit to what I would do for my daughter. I wish I could help her. We can’t just let a queen lose her kids to an evil monster. There are so many of us surely we can roar loud enough to make a difference. How can we help her Con?

  4. Profile photo of Haylee
    Haylee 10 months ago

    I’m 100% with you on this Con, and fully support Sally. Following Sally’s story over the past few weeks I too have been wishing and hoping for a positive outcome for Sally. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. What Ali did in taking the children to another country under the pretense that he would return them, but fully intending not to return them, is despicable. The damage he is causing to his children is immeasurable. Those children have a loving mother, who just wants to give them love and care. Yet that ‘man’ Ali is denying his children their right to be with their mother. And for what? He has absolutely no sensible reason for doing this. His justification is that she moved on and slept in the same bed as another man.. SO WHAT? What a jealous narcissistic man he is. He does not have the best interests of those children at heart, he is only serving his own purposes, which is to hurt Sally, and that in turn is hurting his children. This makes my blood boil, and my heart breaks for Sally and those gorgeous children of hers. I truly hope that one day very soon she is able to be reunited permanently with her children.

  5. Profile photo of Bernie
    Bernie 10 months ago

    There are no words to describe what a selfish man he is putting his own interests in front of his own children. Your kids will come back one day Sally if not in the near future when they get old enough to make their own decisions. It will be a sad day when they work out what an awful person their Father is and they will need your support. Stay strong and I wish you happiness.

  6. Profile photo of carold
    carold 10 months ago

    I’ve been consumed by this for the past few weeks. It’s so unjust, infuriating and yet so hopeless. From tweeting nasty yet true things about Ali Elamine to posting home truths on his YouTube pages and getting blocked from his business’ Facebook page after posting there … I can vent but can’t actually ‘do’ anything. Sally has my prayers and thoughts but what else can I or anyone do?
    This man may try to poison Lehela and Noah’s minds against their mother but they will eventually see the records, videos and reports of the truth – and resent him.
    There’s also another danger this ‘man’ has brought upon his children that he probably hasn’t factored in: The publicity surrounding this case, including details of his big payout, may actually make the children a target for ransom kidnappers. All a kidnapper would have to do is tell the kids they’re taking them to their mother and they would have them. How well does Elamine know the nanny, her family, her acquaintances or anyone else in the periphery of their circle? They need to be home in Australia with Sally and their new baby brother. What can we do?

    • Profile photo of Cezanne
      Cezanne 10 months ago

      You should, at all costs, stay away from the media. Look at what happened to Sally when she involved them. I think it is shameful that Channel 9 has exploited her in this way. And, if it is true Channel 9 paid compensation, Sally will be further exploited by them to make up for the money they had to fork out to get the TV crew out of there. If it wasn’t for the crew, they would have cut Sally loose leaving her to languish in jail just as they did with the hired ‘child rescuers’. A disgrace all around.

  7. Profile photo of Prue C
    Prue C 10 months ago

    It was never an abduction, it was a rescue mission. The terminology used in all media coverage of this has been disappointingly, alarmingly flawed and I have absolutely no idea why the Australian media is doing this. I’m just glad you wrote this as hubby and I have been wondering whether we are the only ones thinking how disgusting this is. The other thing that is making me feel ill is Elamine implying that Sally was letting all sorts of males in the bed with the kids… because without permission, he looked at private photos on her laptop, no doubt showingher with her new partner and family (who she has had her youngest baby with). Essentially, he is implying to the media and the public that she was putting her children in a vulnerable position that may have eventuated in paedophillia taking place. NO PROOF. Not even an accusation from the kids! Just a photo or two, probably in the morning, family and kids tucked up in the same bed. And apparently that deserves the children to be stolen from their mother and denied any further contact. I will definitely speak out when I see another biased article at the very least. Can’t stand all the followers saying, “Well technically, no law was broken”. Well technically, you’re assholes! Think for yourselves people, please!!!! Just because a law exists does not make it morally and ethically right.

    • Profile photo of Cezanne
      Cezanne 10 months ago

      When scary men in balaclavas snatch children from the street in broad daylight and assault their carers, the law sees this as abduction in any country.
      Our feelings and emotions about the situation are an entirely different matter.

  8. Profile photo of iloveLucy
    iloveLucy 10 months ago

    Your unshakeable kindness and compassion is, as always, so beautiful. I’m with you, and Sally. Anything, ANYTHING, for the love of a child. Queens don’t judge, we let that shit go and just love x

  9. Profile photo of Daniela
    Daniela 10 months ago

    Thank god you wrote this. I can’t stand what has happened, completely has broken my heart I just can’t imagine what Sally is going through. I like you was reading everything I could hoping for a magical fairytail out come for Sally.
    I can’t believe that people can’t understand her desperation. I would have done the same.
    That man makes me sick, every time I read something he has said oh my what a narcissist!!!!
    I think about her everyday and yes I have hugged my kids a little longer. In my eyes she is the biggest Queen X 😢😢

  10. Profile photo of Cezanne
    Cezanne 10 months ago

    The fact that he could have kept her in jail and didn’t is completely at odds with many assertions of him being a narcissist. If he was after revenge, wouldn’t he surely have kept her in jail? It would be the ultimate revenge – he keeps the two kids they had together, and she loses all three kids. To me, that would be the ultimate revenge of a narcissist. He had the power to exact that kind of revenge and didn’t.

    • Profile photo of carold
      carold 10 months ago

      Cezanne, part of the deal for letting Sally & the 60 minutes crew out of jail was the big payout from Channel nine. The payout that he lied about receiving but was shown in court documents. And now he posts ‘happy snaps’ at the shops for Sally to see. No doubt he told the children to ‘smile for mummy’ to get the right publicity shot.

      • Profile photo of Cezanne
        Cezanne 10 months ago

        No doubt many will get a huge payout yet that will make Ali’s look like peanuts. I am thinking this story has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. Marriage breakdown, accusations of infidelity, a custody dispute, an aggressive, international child abduction carried out by mercenaries in broad daylight in one of the most volatile cities in the world – all sponsored by a television channel chasing the advertising dollar by exploiting the pain of a mother. There is certainly a lot of money to be made. Even by Sally. After Channel 9 has got their pound of flesh out of her, she may write a bestseller To say that Ali got paid a fortune is only the beginning of a money making venture all around.

    • Profile photo of saggytitts
      saggytitts 10 months ago

      he forced her to sign over full custody in return for not pressing charges, whereby getting exactly what he wanted, having total control over her ability to see the children, he wanted not only control but to look like the good guy…they are experts at not only controling others but controling the perception people have of them..had he kept her in jail he knew it would have negatively impacted peoples view of him and the narcissist cannot stand being seen as the bad guy, but revels in knowing he is the bad guy while fooling everyone he is the good guy

      • Profile photo of Cezanne
        Cezanne 10 months ago

        He dropped the personal charges against her. However, criminal charges are still pending and Sally is only out on bail. You sound like you know the guy. I don’t and that’s why my interest lies in the situation rather than the people.

  11. Profile photo of Hollie Reyes
    Hollie Reyes 10 months ago

    my heart aches for Sally and her children. I pray that she will be permanently reunited with those beautiful children.

  12. Profile photo of Mish
    Mish 10 months ago

    I too have been following this case intensely and am so saddened by the outcome. My heart goes out to Sally and her family.

    I don’t care what the media say about Ali… He lost me the moment he took his kids out of the country and cut all contact with their mum. That screams abuse and is parental alienation. NOTHING he does or says will change ever change that. Those poor kids who went on a holiday not realizing they wouldn’t see them mum or even come back to their home, toys and friends which matter so much at that age.. How very traumatic..

    His stupid comments that he cut contact as she was planning to “kidnap them” (his words not mine as you can’t kidnap kids you have custody of) doesn’t stack up either.. In fact I’m damn sure he knew it was egging Sally on more by keeping her away from her kids.. Since he’s a sociopathic stalker he knew all along she was coming over and going to do that.. Now what good father and son allows things to escalate to this stage and not doing anything about it..?!?

    As for his mother who got “injured” (his words not mine) in the incident.. Well I have zero sympathy. My guess is she is just as much a main player in taking those kids as Ali is.. What grandmother sits there and thinks it ok for her grandkids to not see their mother.. I doubt very much she would have wanted her children stolen from her and Indoubt Ali would have wanted to grow up without his “mummy” ..

    Furthermore I just love his comment that maybe one day they can come visit Australia.. As he wouldn’t mind going surfing there.. That says it all really.. It’s all about him.. As you guys have all
    Mentioned he is a true narcissist..

  13. Profile photo of Ruby Kyi
    Ruby Kyi 10 months ago

    My heart also breaks for Sally, and more precisely for her children.
    I have followed this case and wondered how on the one hand we can have growing awareness (through Rosie Batty and others) of “control” being central to abusive relationships, and on the other hand watch helplessly as this man exerts unbridled control over this woman.

    Sally is a good person. She allowed him to take them to Lebanon for a holiday (probably in part to make sure they had a relationship with their paternal grandmother and extended family). Her response to his text in the hours she had them in Beirut speaks volumes. He had ignored over 150 emails over six months and yet she had the heart to text him and let him know that they were safely with her.
    Thank you for writing this. Friends and family of Sally should maybe put together a go fund me page to help get her to UAE or elsewhere to see the children.

  14. Profile photo of Lani
    Lani 10 months ago

    I was under the impression she had custody of them(I could be wrong). Disbelief that Australia has done nothing to help her, to put pressure on Ali to let them return home to their country of birth , to their loving Aussie mum.
    I too would have done the same to try get my babies back.
    So, are we all going over there to bring them home? I’m in 👊

  15. Profile photo of alana
    alana 10 months ago

    I have been obsessively following this case from Singapore for the past few weeks and am so upset to hear that Sally has been treated unfairly by the media in Australia.
    What kind of parent wouldn’t do what Sally did to get their children back when they were taken under false pretenses and denied contact!?
    The end result of this story is so devastating I can barely think about it without crying. I can’t even begin to imagine how Sally is getting through each day.
    Sally – I truly hope that your kindness and goodness will win in the end and you will be permanently reunited with your children.

    • Profile photo of Cezanne
      Cezanne 10 months ago

      Of course many mothers would have done what Sally did. The thing is that someone was going to win and someone was going to lose. It happened to be her. Surely, she should have realised there was a risk of that happening…

  16. Profile photo of itbit
    itbit 10 months ago

    Absolutely devastating what happened to Sally Faulkner. A similar situation right now in Canada Alison Azer and her 4 kids have been kidnapped by her ex-husband stating he took them to a European Holiday but are in Kurdistan instead for a better life!!! Sally Faulkner & Alizon Azer should contact each other for a shoulder to cry on as both are experiencing the same thing.

    But to get back to Sally. A lot of people are starting to blame channel 9 or Sally, but the reality is Ali Elamine is a narcissist. And only cares about winning. It is not about the children it is about him. I have a mediterranean & Lebanese/Syrian background but born in Australia (now Canada) I know how men in these regions think and if I am not mistaken if he is of a certain religion which I won’t mention in case there are some people that will call me a bigot or racist, the religion is above and all else superior than the wife or anything else. The husbands way is above all else, the husbands mother has right over the wife & in this case well over the ex-wife. Unfortunately for Sally what will be happening as of the moment the kids were taken to Lebanon is subliminally, indirectly conversations around the children will be that “Sally is a whore” “Sally decided to give up custody, see she would rather free herself than take responsibility” but they will never mention Ali put her in jail, Ali kidnapped them, lied to them, cut off contact with their mother when she was still allowing communication & visits by him to Australia. These conversations will happen routinely, everyday, many times a day, family and close acquaintances. The children may not speak Arabic right now but are sponges and will pick up on this, eventually once the kids are old enough to understand it becomes part of their brain DNA that mummy was bad and daddy saved us. It is very difficult in a patriarchal & religious society like Lebanon and the other Middle eastern countries. There is a lot of hatred within, if they reject someone they will reject them to ridicule and unfortunately Sally is going to be ridiculed in the Ali Elamine household. Compassion will NOT be shown and his mother will be placed above all, exaggerated illness, health issue & all that will be blamed on Sally. I am not exaggerating this is not a joke, this is how they will act. The kids will endure this and it will always be “poor grandma that mummy did this too you” “poor daddy”. By the time they are teenagers Ali & his mother’s hope would be these kids will have no interest in seeing Sally. Period.

    They also know that Sally having moved on it is harder for her to pick up & visit Lebanon on a whim, she does have another child & a partner. So Ali revels in this. Will use this against the kids and will say “see, your mother never makes any effort to see you”. Also if she did visit she wouldn’t get any free time with them, constantly surveilled, one word out of place and he will cut contact. She always has to bolster his ego and not state the truth.

    He doesn’t want the footage or knowledge of her being in jail, otr that the kids actually wanted mummy back and to go back to Australia be leaked, for good reason becaue what if the kids question that as they get older. He is choking Sally to get what he wants. Sally should NEVER have been thrown in jail, but there was a ticket price on her head by him. This is how Lebanon works to get what you want you pay under the table. Everything is bribes. It disgusts me. It disturbs me. This is not parent nurturing and bringing up their child in a good environment this is a disgusting system which will slowly embed into the kids way of life.

    In all logic a place that is unsettled, any moment there could be civil unrest, bombs, people live on bribes and children learn this behaviour from a young age, what kind of upbringing is this to say it is a “better life”?. I find it unfounding he thinks that he would have been stuck on “Centrelink” in Australia so life is better in Lebanon, perhaps he should go back to school and get educated to work in Australia instead of using cash handouts to open a business that quite frankly is a non-business in Lebanon especially with the political unrest, influx of refugees etc. Now he has hundreds & thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars to keep up with his hobby even if no-one requires surfing lessons and flies are buzzing in his shop!

    He is ultimately a very selfish and narcisstic man. It is not about the welfare of the children, it comes down to Him, & only Him, it is always and will always be about him getting hii way. Period..

    Sally has affected me being across the globe, it breaks my heart as I have 3 small children similar age.I have traveled and lived in the middle east on short stints and have relatives in both Lebanon & Syria. I KNOW. I REALLY KNOW that these kids ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE IN AUSTRALIA, I KNOW & I REALLY KNOW these kids will be brainwashed as Sally is a foreigner not one of them, she will always be regarded as below them, a selfish woman that went for freedom over the kids.

    The poor kids. Poor Sally.

    Even though some illogical and silly mistakes happened with devastating consequences, I do applaud (I know I am weird) I do applaud Channel 9 and any other news channel that does report on things like this because we need to see the truth.We need to see the plight of the mothers agony to understand that sick men like this (when white women fall for guys like this- look at the Alison Azer situation in Canada right now).

    Unfortunately this ended very badly. Ali went ka-ching, ka-ching & I OWN the kids.

    Sally you will need hope & prayers that somewhere, somehow your kids particularly Leyhla will question as she gets older (I worry more for her than Noah) as you know women’s rights are not so great in Lebanon and what will become of her freedom to dress and think etc under the guise of conservative family members who knows. I Hope that the little Barbie ring she gives you you somehow embed that into a charm and hand it around your neck reminding you of her. I wish you had something to give to her but that would most likely be taken away from her.

    Is there are way you can get in touch with friends in Lebanon that may see the kids. Is it possible to contact Law/Legal studies female students iat the university to study your case study and see if a protest can be made. As I know that some women are bursting to get ehir voice heard and to have equal rights in courts. I think you need to get in contact with women’s groups, and find out ways to fight this and bring it internationally.

    You have lost your 2 children, you can’t lose more. Do not be afraid of Ali or his family. Do not fear his threats. Truth will prevail. DO not give up hope. It will not happen overnight but someone has too.

    If Ali makes excuses not to seek or see the children because you speak about this situation to others he is the wrongdoer not you. He is hiding his trail of indecency. Not you.

    Lehyla and Noah deserve to be with their mother and their little brother. Separating the kids from their sibling is just as gruesome and selfish as everything else Ali Elamine has done due to his ego.

    Good luck, Bonne chance!

    (P.S. sorry if I misspell kids names)

    • Profile photo of carold
      carold 10 months ago

      Itbit, what a wonderful response. It said so much that needs to be said. I hope Sally knows she has such support.

  17. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 10 months ago

    surprise surprise the latest news is the prick has cut off all contact, blocked her from skype etc and refusing to take her phone calls…has refused her all contact despite his public statements that she could talk to them anytime

  18. Profile photo of itbit
    itbit 10 months ago

    I knew he would do that, cut contact immediately. Once he makes a face on the media about how wonderful of a dad he is for saving the kids and he will be fair “It’s all for the children”, even making Jackie-O & Kyle be pursuaded by his story (I thought they were incredibly naive). He got sympathy votes from some men and women too. And people started questioning Sally. That was his intent.

    His mother takes priority over Sally. If his mother wants her grandchildren(in his culture) he will do as she wishes as well as bolstering his ego that he won. The fact that Sally actually birthed the children, that means nothing to him or his mother.
    The children will be brainwashed there is no doubt.

    Sally if you are reading this please get in touch with Women’s studies/legal/law studies at the university in Lebanon. He has already cut contact, he blatantly lied to everyone. Get them to start a case study & perhaps and international protest about plight of mothers rights in Lebanon, let them rattle the justice system. Get in touch with friends with anyone whom you can trust. You have lost everything there is nothing more you can lose. Don’t be afraid of this egotistical maniac.

    By the way Lebanon is in process of being part of the Hague convention (it is pending). Let’s cross our fingers it is accepted sooner than later. But with a lot of bureacracy it may take many years. If it is accepted make sure you start screaming & shaking to be heard about the wrongful custody given to the father after his path of deceit.

    He knew from the moment the kids were in Lebanon he wasn’t returning them, he needed an excuse & he got one that Sally moved on (that should not be a reason to do this, only abuse/drug etc situations is understandable but this is BS). In Middle Eastern cultures they have such great difficulty with women moving on. If it was reversed him finding someone no one would say anything. It is very much a double standard. Forever she will be regarded negatively. He cut contact so he makes Sally get desperate & he knew she would try to come find her kids regardless of any plan on the phone. He premeditated exactly the outcome of events. He knows Lebanese law favours men & it is not part of Hague.

    Sally you also need to start a blog or something writing a letter to the kids of how much you love them daily/weekly or monthly. Consistently and continually until they are adults. As they grow start outlining where they would be in Australia now, for instance Leyla is a primary school aged, you would say she would go to such & such school and be going to this park with Noah or going to such & such museum etc, playing with their baby brother, going to a cousins birthday party etc, etc.. Opening their minds up to the possibility of Australia. Also subliminally mentioned girls have freedom & opportunities for everything she gets older (& we hope she questions the way she is going to be raised) Just writing a dream journal, a virtual world for your kids. We hope that your kids will read this eventually or a friend or someone on your side (even a teacher) will pull the kids aside once in a while and show them your blog and remind them their mother really loves them so they can start questioning.

    I know that most certainty that people in the Middle east when they find out someone is born in Australia(west) they will be told by their peers “you are so lucky, why aren’t you there?” if your kids learn of their birthplace (or remember it) this may be the bug that starts drilling their subconscious & will make them eventually question why on earth they are in Lebanon.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Good luck again.

    My heart to you & to the many women that have lost their babies.

  19. Profile photo of itbit
    itbit 10 months ago

    One last tiny thing.
    Sally if you do decide to do a blog/diary thing, make sure every single time you try contacting your kids you log it, time, date, when… so it is public. Your children or people that may know them will see how frequently you have tried to communicate. So his lies of you forgetting them will not prevail.

    All the love and peace & reiki and positive energy to get to those kids soon.

  20. Profile photo of Linda Walford
    Linda Walford 10 months ago

    Have been thinking of Sally and her two precious little children, constantly. Can’t seem to get them out of my mind and can’t even imagine how heartbroken she must be. I hope and pray that her estranged husband shows some compassion and allows Sally to have some sort of contact with her children. Sending you heaps of love.

  21. Profile photo of Joanna
    Joanna 9 months ago

    When my eldest sons father and I split, shortly after I ended up with a real arsehole who daily abused me. I did what I felt was the right thing of letting my ex have our son (18 months old at the time) live with him until I was out of the way of abuse. I was taken into a women’s refuge and I walked 20 miles a day to still see my son for the day, everyday, away from the horrid atmosphere and environment I was in. However, all the time I thought I could trust my sons dad with what was going on as he appeared to be fully understanding with it all, he was secretly going to see his solicitors to file for full custody of our boy saying I was not interested in being a mother and chose a violent man over him. He won the case. I was given supervised contact, then unsupervised contact until 3 years of battling later I finally got awarded shared custody and regularly have my boy over for half of the week. He’s now 7, I am long out of an abusive relationship ( that prick was sent to prison ) and now happily engaged to a wonderful man whom I have had another beautiful boy… any mother loves her children immensely and it feels like you are being crushed every second of every day when someone you thought you could trust undefiably does something like that which is so hurtful.

    My thoughts are with Sally, keep strong you amazing lady, just another mother trying to do best for her babies and being destroyed for it, God bless sweetheart xx

  22. Profile photo of Megga
    Megga 1 month ago

    I have only read half your article but all i can say is theres no point trying to make reason out of it He comes from a differenent culture basically because sally left him he will never get over it and basically he sees he has every right to take control of the situation basically take the children from her and punish her thats their reasoning and yhen try to make out she is not a fit mother or a loose women for leaving her husband its not australian culture but been in relationship with nigerian luckily he doesnt have the money but he tries stuff so you have to be very careful

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