Bill’s Announcement

Bill has an announcement to make ladies!!!!


He’s made his vasectomy appointment!!!

Is it wrong that I’m getting all worried now… Feeling a little separation anxiety towards his little sperm army? Like one more kid could have been acceptable???

Oh fuck no, all I have to ask myself is if I’m ready to do night feeds again… Fuck no.

And Bill certainly does not want any more babies.

I complain about Bill a lot, I truly believe that complaining is my God given right and a survival mechanism of marriage and motherhood.

However once in a while the Hubs needs an ego stroke.

So here goes, 10 things I love about Bill.

1) He dances, when he’s happy andΒ when he thinks he’s getting a root.

2) He laughs at himself, I can blow him up in videos as often as I want and share it with the queens. Bill’s cool with it.

3) He’s bald. I hear a lot of negativity around male baldness, from people who clearly haven’t had a boyfriend come home with nits. Give meΒ chlamydia any day over nits. Rock on bald men.

4) He loves me!!! He’s not grossed out by the eczema around my vag or the fact that I spend a lot of my free time itching it, he also cool with the fact that I’m a house wife who doesn’t cook or clean, with minimal complaints. Go Bill.

5) He loves a good goss.. Queens call him with info before calling me..

6) He’s supportive, I whinged to him once that none of the school mums want to be my friend, he put his arms around me and said “fuck em. They don’t know what they’re missing” πŸ’—

7) He works long hours as a carpenter, so that we can do all the things that we wouldn’t be able to do if his work ethic was anything like mine.

8) He plays tickle monster and hide and seek. Daily.

9) He’s accepting, I wee’d on him once in my sleep when we had just met, I was dreaming about having a wee and it just came out. He literal just threw a towel down and went back to sleep.

10) No matter what we go through, all of our ups and downs.. He always comes back toΒ QueenieπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘‘

I think it goes without saying that Bill’s got the root of his life coming his way. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ

πŸ’— Con

  1. Profile photo of Ang
    Ang 12 months ago

    Bill is definitely your King. He rocks and we can tell you both love each other very much…….yeah that was fucking soppy. But its great to have a man that puts up with the crap and loves you no matter what. I finally found one of them and he is bald too. Love my bald man. πŸ˜€

  2. Profile photo of Alexis
    Alexis 12 months ago

    Sounds alot like my Partner πŸ˜… he accepts and loves every bit of me i used to have alot of self doubt but he makes ke feel beautiful inside and out x

  3. Profile photo of Alexis
    Alexis 12 months ago

    I thought about getting the tubes tied after my last but i felt like there would be an emptiness inside me afterwards like i wouldnt feel like a woman we are currently discussing his getting a vesectomy x 😊

  4. Profile photo of Big Red
    Big Red 12 months ago

    Where can I find a Bill?

  5. Profile photo of Chloe bell
    Chloe bell 12 months ago

    This is beautiful.

  6. Profile photo of Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 12 months ago

    Way to go Bill. Takes a strong man to get pissed on and stick it out πŸ˜‚

  7. Profile photo of Claire
    Claire 12 months ago

    Bill – what a bloody legend! Hilarious, especially #9!!!

  8. Profile photo of Cat
    Cat 12 months ago

    Go bill! High five mate! I also have a bill πŸ™‚
    Cept I farted on mines leg the first time we slept in the same bed like a big one haha

  9. Profile photo of Regina
    Regina 12 months ago

    Your Bill sounds like my Bruce, true legends!
    My man had the snip years ago & said it felt like two bricks slamming his balls together!
    Maybe don’t tell Bill that bit 😜

  10. Profile photo of Emily Furlong
    Emily Furlong 12 months ago

    We are approaching the 1st anniversary of my Husband’s vasectomy and can I tell you, our already healthy and fun sex life has become sooooo much more! The joy of not having to use a franger, no birth control messing with my hormones!!! BEST SEX EVER when you know that you’re free of the risk of pregnancy!! Enjoy it Bill! Best decision you’ll ever make!

  11. Profile photo of Tess
    Tess 12 months ago

    Oh hell, you make me laugh so hard! Thanks for keeping it real Con x

  12. Profile photo of Janet Frankly
    Janet Frankly 12 months ago

    Good morning Constance, you hav become a regular morning routine that is great fun, love ur work and now Im loving Bill as well- bust a move Bill! Lol

  13. Profile photo of Brandi
    Brandi 12 months ago

    Bill is awesome and you two as a couple are rockstars! Keep rockin guys. love to you πŸ™‚

  14. Profile photo of Michelle Gaudreau
    Michelle Gaudreau 12 months ago

    I love your blog and this post was great! Go Bill! Unfortunately, as an American, there are some things I don’t quite understand. What is a goss? What is a root? (I’m thinking sex.) And when you say he plays tickle monster and hide n’ seek daily, do you mean with you or the kids? lol

  15. Profile photo of Kristy Lowe
    Kristy Lowe 12 months ago

    Go Bill! My husband says its fuck all, and you’ll be sweet with it….

  16. Profile photo of Sweeny
    Sweeny 12 months ago

    Was that his happy dance above or his root dance ?? β€οΈπŸ˜‚ X

  17. Profile photo of Nicki
    Nicki 12 months ago

    Lol,make sure he is shooting blanks before you go off everything, or you could just be doing that one more baby,
    Bald head = solar panel for sex machine hehehe

  18. Profile photo of cassie
    cassie 12 months ago

    I love reading your posts everyday. I love how open n honest you are. Sounds like your n bills relationship is rock solid.

  19. Profile photo of Jules
    Jules 12 months ago

    Bill – your a champ! We love you almost as much as we love the queen supreme!

  20. Profile photo of Kate
    Kate 12 months ago

    Fucking brilliant! No9 cracked me up and I still have tears rolling down my face from it! I reckon Bill knows he’s got an absolute diamond of a wifey and is just as grateful for you as you are he πŸ™‚

  21. Profile photo of Petajean
    Petajean 12 months ago

    I really like this one πŸ™‚

  22. Profile photo of Vicki
    Vicki 12 months ago

    I was thinking about this only last night and came to the realisation that my one big regret in life was only having two children. I was only 24 when I had my tubes tied – I had already produced two gorgeous and healthy children and was postnatally depressed after the second. I’m now 51, my children are married and successful as a lawyer and doctor respectfully, even after their father and I separated and divorced over 20 years ago.
    I would love to have another child to share my love with, to be so proud of. I can understand you have had your fair share after 4…
    but I just want to let women know that deciding to not have any more children is a BIG decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. You may feel overwhelmed at present, but being a mother is so worth it, Don’t make my mistake and rush into it. I love my two children – truly madly and deeply, but I still dream about being pregnant and having another child, often. Be sure. Be happy. Love your kids.

  23. Profile photo of Sugar
    Sugar 12 months ago

    To: A Queen
    From: A Queen
    I LOVE YOUR POSTS. I Feel like we are friends and i love the laughter, acceptance and kindness that your posts bring into my life. Reading your posts have taught me things things:
    1 – My son and I are doing great!
    2 – Appreciate and celebrate all the good things ‘my son who was diagnosed more than 25% made a huge turnaround and is doing better than ever, is fully caught up and is student of the month’
    3 – I remind myself constantly that I am a Queen and that I am alright.
    Thank you a million times over for all your posts

  24. Profile photo of Rebecca
    Rebecca 12 months ago

    I had the same feeling when they gave my hubby the appointment for the next week. As I was holding my youngest, who was screaming in the dr office, I started to cry. Then I looked at him and the bags under my eyes and thought…yep this is gonna happen!!! Now shagging without worries!!! It’s a good thing! Just remember Constance it’s like the man flu/cold times a hundred. Good luck to you both

  25. Profile photo of HandleWithCoffee
    HandleWithCoffee 9 months ago

    My Bill used snipping as an opportunity to take a long post-procedure nap in the exam room. While I paced the halls with our colicky infant, swinging it in the car seat that got heavier and heavier. Waiting for him to wake up. Staff finally kicked him out when the clinic closed. Bastard. How dare he sleep. Can’t hurt that much if you can take a FOUR HOUR NAP after.

  26. Profile photo of AppleJ
    AppleJ 5 months ago

    Con…is it ok for a nearly 60yr old chik to really love your blog?? lol…i love your straight talkin…youre funny..realistic and human.

  27. Profile photo of Katrina ~ They All Call Me Mom .com

    I like this Bill of yours. I say he’s a keeper, even if you are going through a sort of spell right now. Look at that video, how cool is he? Okay, so I’m new to your blog and I don’t know much about you yet. I get that. I get that I don’t get a say at all because I’m a newbie here. But still. It’s not like me to keep quiet, so I’m not going to start now. You should know that I only follow about 3 blogs. That’s it. Just three. I don’t have time for more, being the mom of ten kids and all that. But now that I’ve found your blog, I’m going to be following four blogs from now on. Or maybe I’ll just cut one of them and keep yours, that way I’ll be back to three. Three is really all I can handle. My husband -father of eleven- (yes, 11… my oldest son is actually my stepson, and then I had ten babies) well he JUST had a vasectomy! Just two weeks ago. Finally. See, I’ve been telling my husband for YEARS (years!!) to make the appointment, but you know he just doesn’t make appointments. It’s always me who makes all the appointments for him (dentist, doctor, and just about anything else) so waiting for him to make the V appointment was just my way of getting six more kids out of him.

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