All in it Together

Do you know that what sucks about being a Stay at home mum is the exact same thing that sucks about being a working mum..


The “who has it tougher” competition, a competition that we are encouraged to enter..

All of the sudden we are expected to defend our life decisions when all either of us wanted to do was make the right choice for our family and kids.

Having been both, I can tell you that the choice to work is one made out of love and sacrifice.

and guess what?

The choice to stay at home is one made out of love and sacrifice.

Then there are some queens who don’t have a choice at all. Imagine having no choice and feeling like you were being judged for a choice you didn’t make?

I hate seeing women divided, ever. Why? Because it weakens us, makes us vulnerable against the real enemy… Fuck wits and illness.
You know the old saying divide and conquer? Well that’s why the world wants to divide queens, because our full potential is such a massive fucking threat to those that benefit from our self doubt.

Women are too powerful when we support each other so we have been divided and played against each other for a long time…far too long.
Queens are pack animals!!!!

Queens stick together, queens support each other. Queens conquer.

So today at school drop off, make sure you tip the crown at your fellow Queenie, whether she’s the one drop kicking her kids out of the car to get to work on time or the one taking her sweet time walking to class, passively ignoring the same random question 400 times. Just a crown tip, a telepathic salute to your fellow Queenie-Bee can go a long way.

❀️ Con πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘Š

  1. Profile photo of Cat
    Cat 12 months ago

    Love it! Brilliant as always Con β€οΈπŸ‘Œ

  2. Profile photo of saggytitts
    saggytitts 12 months ago

    been both and a pensioner, get judgy judged for all three, its almost like the system is set up to tear women down no matter what you do…mmmmmmm like you said are they afraid of what will happen when queens support eachother and band together, imagine if it happened on a global scale, we outnumber them lol

    • Profile photo of Amy Sunshine
      Amy Sunshine 12 months ago

      Oh Diana! What a truly fabulous concept. I’m beside you all the way <3

    • Profile photo of Jacks80
      Jacks80 12 months ago

      Omg u totally said what I’ve been feeling!Thank You at least I know I’m not the only one that thinks the Government is trying to fuck women up left right & centre!!!

  3. Profile photo of Marshalls_Mommy
    Marshalls_Mommy 12 months ago

    Been following you only for a short time! But I love everything you say and your an awesome person! I have connected with you on a lot of stuff. πŸ™‚

  4. Profile photo of Shelley
    Shelley 12 months ago

    its the age of the feminine <3 we must unite

  5. Profile photo of Tamara
    Tamara 12 months ago

    I was a full time working mum with my first born whom is now in Prep, now I am a night shift worker after have baby number 2. I work all day then go to a job 5-6 nights a week. I personally find it more affordable to work nights now but going to work during the day seems so much easier just saying 😁

  6. Profile photo of Sophie B
    Sophie B 12 months ago

    At work full time with 9mnth and a 7 yr old with a new job. Sickness is costing me $$$ and so crap
    My week had included tonsillitis with older kid, miss 2 days and now this week had childcare call three days in a row – temp, then vomits no temp and today couldn’t risk a call so had to pay $200 for a nanny for the day at home ontop of the $93 a day he didnt go!!! :(((

  7. Profile photo of Lizard
    Lizard 12 months ago

    Some queens are just bitches though! I had a so called friend bitch behind my back that I had my kid in day care full time and worked..I should have been at home with her….. Ummmm…. My ex husband left me when she was 13 mths old, left me , not long after my father died, along with a mortgage on 3 properties that he refused to help pay … What choice did I have other than to return to work??? I say whatever works for you, and you gotta do what you gotta do! And you know what? My now almost 13 year old mini queen, is an incredibly bright, forward, confident and very independent young lady who excels at everything she does, so…. Did I really do the wrong thing by her???? Fuck the haters! πŸ’–

  8. Profile photo of Gillian Robinson
    Gillian Robinson 12 months ago

    Love you Con and all you other queenies out there… Thanks for the inspiration and love :))))))))

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