Your turn Hubby

Hey Husband,

So just thinking about all the shit my reproductive system and body has been through over the years in our quest to have and not have babies.


You know with The Pill, falling pregnant, abortion, more pregnancies, ultrasound up the clacker, blood tests, anal swabs (fun), C-section, vag birth, tearing, stitches, episiotomy, more stitches, post birth constipation, mini pill, separated abdominal muscles, the pill again saw boobs, humungous nipples, the morning after pill cracked nipples, bad back…..

I could go on….

We used “the withdrawal method” to avoid more babies after Arlo. That’s how we got the twins…. withdrawing.
If I had to go through another pregnancy I’d commit sui. I don’t want to spend 9 months on Sui watch.

So ummmmm… What’s happening with your vasectomy?

I know your scared to say goodbye to the little soldiers, your little warriors, your faithful army of conquerers, slaying, penetrating every egg in their path. They have served you well babe. You should be really proud.

But really it’s time.

This brings me to the drastic measures I’ve had to resort to.
A complete sex strike.
I am ignoring your penis until you get the snip.
Not permitting it to brush past my leg in the hallway and when you talk about it I am going to start humming.
Your penis is void in this relationship until the vasectomy.

Because my body is done. It’s done reproducing and it’s done birth controlling. Your turn.

Love wifey.

  1. Profile photo of Taz
    Taz 1 year ago

    This morning my Miss 8 and I were having a conversation about why her aunty and uncle can’t have more babies. I reminded her that it was because they had decided for her uncle to have an operation. She said to me “And the men should! When I’m older and if I have kids then I will not be having surgery for that. The man can because I would have gone through labour and birth! They just sit there and watch so it’s their turn!”
    As much as sometimes she makes me pull my hair out and dream of moving to Alaska to become one with the ice and never see a human being again, it’s moments like these that make me proud. My very strong willed and opinionated little girl will power on through life.
    Kudos to me. I’m raising a bloody queen 👑😃

  2. Profile photo of SamLinde
    SamLinde 1 year ago

    Amen queen. I am also known as wife and him hubby. Aw cute haha. Seriously but. Mine said “I’ve seen cows get castrated… And dogs are never the same…” even though his bro had one… But he reckons he’s gone soft since he had it. Or maybe he’s just maturing now he’s closer to 40 than 30. Na, Def the snip making him soft. I swear we will end up with another oopsie (current oopsie is the best oopsie ever) but I think I would end up in a padded room tied to a table if I fell pregnant again!!

  3. Profile photo of Andy KB
    Andy KB 1 year ago

    Yes, yes and f*in A yes! This is exactly where my husband and I are in the debate to stop the baby making train. We even have brand spankin new GOOD health insurance, so the year 2016 will be the year of the old “snip snip!” I cannot wait another bloody month…no pun intended.

  4. Profile photo of Em :)
    Em :) 1 year ago

    Love it ! 3 babies im done-skis

  5. Profile photo of Tamara'lee
    Tamara'lee 1 year ago

    I am being told its me who has to have the operation. That a mans body should not be touched for any reasoning got to do with reproduction. I don’t want to have an operation, my body will not cope. But I am being made too this year :'(

    • Profile photo of Jana
      Jana 12 months ago

      Tamara’lee your comment makes me so sad and angry at the same time. It is your body, do not let anyone make you do something you do not want to do!!!

    • Profile photo of Tearainy
      Tearainy 11 months ago

      I’m sorry but your hubby needs to re prioritise

  6. Profile photo of Lindsey
    Lindsey 1 year ago

    As I am sitting here reading this, I am currently in the hospital bed, recovering from a tubal this afternoon, after having my 5th child yesterday. I am in pain and currently can not stop crying. My daughter is in NICU and I haven’t been allowed to hold her yet….she is 36 hours old. I had full blown pre-e, and am feeling like shit. My husband is home with the other kids, so here I am. Alone, babyless, and an emotional mess. So glad to be able to read your blog and have someone to relate too. Oh, and tell him to suck it up buttercup, cause this shit sucks…..=)

    • Profile photo of Claire
      Claire 1 year ago

      Oh Lindsay, Congratulations! I’m a week late but I desperately hope things are better for you now. I can’t imagine bringing up 5 kids but I know that women who are blessed with a tribe will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. Well done lovely lady and good luck!

      • Profile photo of Lindsey
        Lindsey 1 year ago

        Thanks Claire, I am doing MUCH better. My daughter and I am home she is doing amazing and beautiful! We spent a week in NICU. I have only been home since Friday evening, so it is still some getting used to, but I love it! Thanks again for the concern and luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it!!

  7. Profile photo of brooke Evans
    brooke Evans 1 year ago

    Speaking of the horrors of having and not having kids, I had the Mirena put in after my second, I just wasnt feeling another. It was the worst fucking decision I’ve ever made. Insertion hurt like hell, the gyno nearly perforated my cervix, or so I heard her shout from down at my vag… I could feel it inside me, sex hurt like hell… Then I started getting hormonal acne, bloating, foul moods (worse than usual) I decided I wanted it out only to be told they couldn’t find it, I had to pay $600 to go to a specialist to have it removed under anesthetic. A year has gone by and I’m now only dealing with the left over scars on my once clear face (the only thing left I had going for me is now fucked thanks to the Mirena) but hopefully one day my body will be what it used to be!

  8. Profile photo of lula
    lula 1 year ago

    Yup, totally agree, its definatly not my turn anymore, options, well, the coil, but even that im thingking no way.

  9. Profile photo of Nessa
    Nessa 1 year ago

    My hubs was great after we had both our girls 11&7. After the youngest he booked himself into the docs had the “talk” with the doc and the next thing 6 weeks later he’s at the Vas clinic having it done. Drove himself there (and back) laid in bed for the afternoon with ice blocks on his nuts. It was the first time I have slept with a black man.
    His sack and penis was all colours of black then blue then yellow (stayed away)
    Good on ya hubster xx

  10. Profile photo of Holger
    Holger 1 year ago

    Considering you and you hubby have had all the kids you want. I find it not only the responseble thing to do but also the most caring and sensible. Every man who’ve had the kids he want should undergo this procedure.

  11. Profile photo of Irene Larsson
    Irene Larsson 1 year ago

    Considering that you have all these physical things speaking against having any more children, I would do it myself. It’s your body that shouldn’t have more babies, and you will be fertile many years from now. I wouldn’t risk it. I would (I actually did when I was 42) do it myself even if the procedure is far more invasive on a woman. You never know what the future brings.

  12. Profile photo of Jaxx
    Jaxx 12 months ago

    After two mini queens, two sections, two lots of feeding, clown feet and feeling like a pin cushion the whole time, my hub went and organised his little op all on his own.

    He figured I’d done enough to get his two girls and that it would be a fraction of that for him to be done. What a dude!

  13. Profile photo of Jessie Girl
    Jessie Girl 12 months ago

    My hubby also stepped up and went and got the ole snip snip, (we have 4 boys). But I had to shut pussy town down too!
    But lately he is really wanting another, he gets more clucky than me!!! I’m glad the decision has been made for us already and we can’t have anymore. He will just have to deal with his balls aching every time he sees a new Bub LOL

  14. Profile photo of Jaime
    Jaime 6 months ago

    “There could be complications.” That’s the excuse I get when I bring up vasectomy and then the convo is done. We have 1 kid and I have no interest in another. I’m really not keen on an IUD or loading up on hormones that may make me more susceptible to developing breast cancer. I’d consider tubal ligation, but that’s a laparoscopic surgery and vasectomy is much simpler. I do think he has some subconscious misgivings about not being able to reproduce if the opportunity presented itself. I believe that its really a very old, “cavemanish” instinct that men can’t shake. Even though their minds don’t want kids, from a purely instinctual standpoint, its natural to want to reproduce and spread your DNA. Men are gross neanderthals.

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