You are blessed

If you happen to meet a new lover who
Already has children…


To the nearest jewellery shop and put a fucking ring on it.

A partner who already loves a child more then they love themselves is a gift, it cuts out so much of the crap a lot of us go through to reach a true love. Kids cut through crap. Fact.

Yes, step kids can act like monsters, users and abusers, they require a tremendous amount of patience. But be patient because they are worth it, they are a grumpy little blessing just waiting to reveal themselves, a friendship like no other.

Your partners ex? is a queen, she might not feel like your queen but a queen none the less. You might have heard the worst stories and you might have only seen her arsehole side, she is protecting herself and her baby. You are holding her heart and soul when you hold that child’s hand.

To then go on and have more children with someone who already has them is probably the smartest thing you can ever do.
It’s what you call the family jackpot.
Even if your step child took a while to come around to you, they will love your baby instantly. What a gift? Instant older sibling love for your baby.

Blessed is the family with halves and steps and in laws and weird ex’s that still come to family gatherings and foster kids tiny branches of love that spread in all directions.

There is no halves in the love that a half brother or sister feels for each other , there are no steps in between the love you will have for your step child.
You are blessed.


  1. Profile photo of Annabel
    Annabel 1 year ago

    You are so blessed Connie!! It’s awesome 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Chloe *Mum of 4*
    Chloe *Mum of 4* 1 year ago

    My hubby has sole custody of his daughter when we met, I had sole custody of my two boys… So we joined together blending both of our children into a new family, then we had a child of our own together… Needless to say, we have a crazy lifestyle when it comes to holidays and so many grandparents and families trying to see all the children ah but yes, we are blessed.

  3. Profile photo of Evamaria
    Evamaria 1 year ago

    i have to disagree unfortunately. my ex hubby had fuck all to do with our boys after we broke up, went on to have 2 daughters with his new wife, their oldest daughter gets treated like shit and he’s still not a half way decent dad to my sons. my youngest son (now 16) refuses to admit hes his son and calls his bio dad nothing more than a sperm ex after him had 3 kids of his own and managed to physically abuse MY kids which resulted in me going to jail for not protecting them and they went into foster care for 2 yrs. my now hubby had no baggage when i met him and if i were ever single again i would NEVER get together with a guy who has kids. sorry, but just my personal opinion.

  4. Profile photo of Lilly
    Lilly 1 year ago

    I love this! You can call us a weird Jerry Springer family but every holiday/birthdays/family gathering consists of this: me and my boyfriend, my daughter and his son, his sons mother and her new boyfriend and their new child, my daughter’s dad and his new girlfriend Nd her son, and her son’s father and his new girlfriend. And my boyfriends and my new son. We are nothing but a family of ex’s and steps, and halves and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The wired part…..wait for it….we all get along…..really really well. 😮 shocking I know! But it’s amazing what happens when you put your children’s feelings first and act like adults. People find it so strange that one of my best friends is my boyfriends sons mother. But we are very similar. If u think about it a man usually has a “type” of woman he is attracted to so it isn’t that strange that we have a lot in common. We are all connected through our children and the kids love the fact that on holidays they never have to choose mom or dad they get us both AND our significant others whom they love as well.

  5. Profile photo of Hayley
    Hayley 1 year ago

    So true! I have a “half” brother but we love each other so much!

  6. Profile photo of Demi
    Demi 3 months ago

    Awwwww, just joined you Constance! Love Love Love! I’m a single mum of 1 her Dad has since remarried and now has another 3 Kids. I was hurt when I heard he was having another child, but over night saw the beauty that my girlie would have a little brother another 2 later. It’s even better! One day my daughter came home from school and told me one of the kids in her class had teased her and said they were only half siblings (I guess techinically they are) but I said no they’re your brothers and sister and that’s it. I hated someone trying to lessen my girls excitement of being big sis. Step, half, foster I say labels are not important only the bond shared.

  7. Profile photo of Louly
    Louly 2 months ago

    Some days I love my step kids some days I hate them (most days I especially hate the older one). I’m constantly fighting a battle and it’s so hard to find a balance.

  8. Profile photo of Julieanne
    Julieanne 6 days ago

    I fully agree. My husband had a one yr old when we met, 26 years ago. I saw what a lovely dad he was & we ended up having 4 more together. His ex is a great person & we all get on very well. We all spent Christmas morning in our daughters home with ex’s half’s & steps, it’s just lovely.

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