Dear Vagina

You don’t need to change, lots of people want bald beavers. I quite like your tuft of hair.


Never give in to public perception, if you like the minge fringe, you grow the minge fringe.

You’re even more spectacular after child birth then you were before. I’m in a total state of shock that you survived the traffic of babies and still manage to cling onto my tampons, even if they are super sized these days, they’re still tiny in my eyes. Thank you.

You are enough, so many requests for anal sex may have blown your confidence, but to me vaginas will always be enough.

Your unique, why anyone has surgery to make their vulvas all look the same is beyond me, you are an in interesting, wrinkly little vulva of pleasure. Don’t forget that.

You are humble, changed, used and forgotten about, yet you remain humble. Despite the fact that you are clearly the queen of the female body, my queen.

I salute you vagina


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  1. Profile photo of Jacks80
    Jacks80 1 year ago

    “Dear Vagina” is one of my favorite posts!!Mine has birthed 6 kids weighing from 7lb 6 ounces up to 9lb’s!!I never really thought about it until reading this & I must say that I now have the utmost respect & love for it😊

  2. Profile photo of taylortrash
    taylortrash 11 months ago

    I’m happy with my vagina, 5 babies the smallest weighing 9lbs , the last one 11lbs7oz and not one single tear it has to be the stretchiest ninny ever! I I’m a bit proud x

    • Profile photo of Tearainy
      Tearainy 11 months ago

      You should be 🙂

      • Profile photo of Kerrie Barton-Swain

        ninnys are amazing our female form way out preforms the males. We have been blessed… believe it or not. Im proud my body allowed me the miracle to carry and grow my son inside off me then adapted to birth him. Best thing I ever done!

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