Like a queen you guys
She’s flawed,

She swears,

She eats the cake!!

She has a past and she owns that shit,


She’s skinny, curvy, flabby, muscly and she loves it.

Because she’s a fucking queen
Love yourself the way you want your daughters, nieces, friends kids to love themselves.
Now I nominate you, all of you, to take a picture of yourselves, a picture that society has deemed you unfit for, because your too old or skinny or fat or you’ve had too many kids or not confidant enough or for whatever reason you have been made to feel like you don’t deserve to love your body or your self.

An undie shot, bathers shot, a grape eating shot brig fanned by a naked Greek man shot, whatever.
Hashtag #likeaqueen and yes, nominate your spectacular queens friends. And let us sit around drinking self worth a queen vibes from a champagne glass. Because our royal bodies deserve so much more
#constancesqueens #likeaqueen

  1. Profile photo of BamBam Amery
    BamBam Amery 1 year ago

    You are just fan – freaking-tastic! A breath of fresh air, telling it like it is with no worry or fear of judgement from people who honestly have no place judging anyway. You are brilliant and you and your words make me feel free and unashamed to be myself, a queen, on my bad days and my good. I should just be happy with me and my life and my kids and hubby, cos at the end of the day, my life rocks! : ) just need to remember that sometimes ; ) big love to you Constance!

    BamBam xxxx

  2. Profile photo of Adele
    Adele 1 year ago

    Absofuckinglutely, I am so fed up of feeling second best to people who fart kids out, go to the gym and make me feel like I’m a freak, I’m fucking fantastic, I cook, I sing and dance, I make people laugh, I brought 3 queens into this world and deserve some kind of recognition, other queens should not make each other feel worthless and most of all we shouldn’t make our selves feel unworthy xx

  3. Profile photo of Gem
    Gem 1 year ago

    So much yes!

  4. Profile photo of Shy Taggart
    Shy Taggart 9 months ago

    What a true vision of vulnerability, courage and inspiration! This world needs more people like you who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Thank you for inspiring me to write from the heart and reveal my true self. I admire your courage.

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