I can’t Wifey Today

I love you Husband but,… I just can’t wifey today.


I can’t smile this morning and pretend that pouring the milk into the week-bix doesn’t feel Groundhog Dayish.

I can’t kiss you goodbye without feeling like work is just another way for you to escape us. Even though I know you’d prefer to be home, there will be no rational thinking today.

I can’t be happy for your pay rise today, because even though it’s technically “our” money, it still feels a little bit like “your” money.

I can’t be patient when you go out and get pissed with the boys today. While I was changing his nappy, your 14 month old son literally just pissed in my eye. I’m pissed too.

I can’t be touched today. Don’t even.

I can’t listen to you complain about work because no matter how shit is was, at least you weren’t alone.

I can’t appreciate the amazing home you renovated for us today, no matter how beautiful or grand these 4 walls look to you, to me, today they are closing in.

I can’t let you shit in peace today, you brought the iPad in with you, nobody takes 30 minutes to shit.

I’m sorry husband, I love you so much, I will try to wifey again tomorrow.

  1. Profile photo of Emma
    Emma 1 year ago

    I love this post I can’t wifey most days !!! I have four kids but it feels like five especially when he’s not at work. I love your posts they keep me feeling positive xxx

  2. Profile photo of Jen
    Jen 4 months ago

    OMG….I am so happy to have discovered your blog. My god I really needed it when my kids were younger! But even now, that my sons are 11 and 13 (a whole new set of worries), and I am divorced from their dad (no more wifey issues persay, but believe me I had them!), it makes me smile and laugh to read your clever posts, which all moms need so much. So thank you Constance. You are awesome. xo j

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