PMS Be Gone

I got my period today.  
So now I have to do my monthly apologies for my behaviour in the 2 days leading up to my period..


I’m sorry husband for getting angry at the sound of your breathing, I know you have to do it.

I’m sorry kids for getting angry at the 4 million questions you asked me yesterday, I’m your mum, it’s my job to pretend I care even when I don’t.

I’m sorry for pulling the finger instead of indicating.
I’m sorry for cracking the shits at the sound of anyone eating near me, that’s just mean.
I’m sorry to the man crossing the road REALLY slowly in front of my car.

You are not really a fuck wit, you’re probably just stoned, I was in a hormonal prison of frustration and anger.

Free now


  1. Profile photo of Carla
    Carla 1 year ago

    I am genuinely psychotic thanks to hormones and to really top it off I’m full of the little fuckers, I’m the most hormonal person I know!! I am quite possibly the most fucked up person when preggers, so much so I think I heard my guardian breathe a sigh of relief after I had my final child!! 😜

  2. Profile photo of Annie
    Annie 1 year ago

    I am glad i am not the only one. I get angry & upset at a pen dropping on the floor when its coming up to “that time”. Most of the time its the smallest things that make me want to peel my face off.. If someone speaks, if there is a bowl in the sink after i washed up.. Everything sets me off 😐 It aint pretty

  3. Profile photo of Nadene
    Nadene 1 year ago

    Well I just had a hysterectomy last week so no more periods for me yay. Thats the only good thing. Its been 10 days and Im still so sore…Starting to regret my choice. My dr thinks I might have an infection. .. I have all the bloody luck. And my lousy husband doesn’t even offer me a coffee when he makes one Im lucky he mskes tea but thats it.
    Id love cuddles right now…thats what I really need

    • Profile photo of Antipodean Angel
      Antipodean Angel 12 months ago

      I know this is a bit late & virtual cuddles over Internet from a complete stranger isn’t really what you need… but sending you one anyway lady. That’s a big op you’re recovering from!! Hope it’s all going ok

  4. Profile photo of T
    T 1 year ago

    Omg I just looooovvveee this post sooooo makes me feel normal and less guilty..thank you for sharing! ❤️

  5. Profile photo of Mimika
    Mimika 1 year ago


  6. […] Some women get angry, I alternate between inconsolable ugly crying and small flecks of rage. I’m mostly a bit of a mess.  […]

  7. Profile photo of Clez
    Clez 5 months ago

    Oh this post could not be more accurate. I have so much anger during the pms week! Yep, mine usually lasts a week. I have mentally hit, my partner, boss, friend, man walking down the street wrong, woman who is looking at the same shelf I need in the supermarket! Fortunately never actually acted on mental hittings…Now that WOULD need a hefty apology, and possibly a fine, at the very least! Much love x

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