Free the Nipple

Hey Facebook,
A couple of nipples here.

Just wondering what’s with the double standards?


We’ve breast fed four little humans.

We sucked every bit of nutrition our body could spare and we selflessly handed it over to a baby, on one occasion we fed 2 babies at once.

Can you imagine that? We filled up so much, we ached like hell and we did it all to nourish someone else.

And do you want to know the weird part? We didn’t care in the slightest if that baby was a boy or a girl, we didn’t even check. Because men women, boys, girls are all the same to us, we just want to feed babies.

Unfortunately, in our travels we haven’t been awarded the same equality. After all this hard work we are repaid with a prison sentence, locked away in this dungeon of a bra. Banished from the glory of Facebook, hidden from the warmth of the sun.
We are #angrynipples
And we won’t stop until we are desexualised in society, until we can walk a busy street without giving every penis a stiffy, without getting #arrestednipples
Take a stand Facebook

  1. Profile photo of Karen John
    Karen John 1 year ago

    I have 3 children 25, 23, 5 and nothing ever changes with age

  2. Profile photo of Mrs Deary
    Mrs Deary 12 months ago

    AMEN TO THIS free the nipples!!!!

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